Pronology: The name science

Name is an important identity of every human. The people are known by their name. Every name has a meaning and way of pronunciation. Pronouncing a name can create positive or negative vibrations to the name bearer. Every human, all in their lifetime hear, tell, read or write their names on the daily basis. This creates vibrations which make their personality and perception about them with the others.

Some names may contain ill pronunciation, which may develop negative effect on that name bearer. For example in the names DI,NO,LO, MAD,ILL. Pronology technique helps us in identifying negative pronunciation in our name and provides methods to improve names for the success.

Pronology helps us to improve positive vibrations in our names, thus it improves success opportunities in life. In detail pronology analyze names nouns and inner meaning of name letter pronunciation. With the help of pronology, numerologists can create powerful and impactful names. Every name should be checked for negative vibrations and corrected for the successful life.

Success or Failure

As per Pronology, a Correct Name as per Numerology makes you highly successful. If it is incorrect, you will meet with Obstacles, Miseries, and Failures. It means all the difference between Fortune and Misfortune. It all depends on your Date of Birth. Your Birth Day has a Day Number and a Compound Number. The latter is known as your Life Number. If you make your Name vibrate well with These Numbers, you will be highly Successful.

Sensing the Vibrations

The foundations of Nameology are based on vibrations. Vibration is a Wave Phenomenon. It is electromagnetic in nature. The Ancient Seers in India could sense good and evil vibrations, feel them, and also measure them. They formulated the science of Numerology based on the Vedic Cultures and Civilizations. There was no pen, paper, or any instrument. The only instruments were their Minds, and Occult Powers of those Gifted Sages. With out such powers to sense the vibrations, if one applies Numerology or Nameology, he will be doomed with failure. The old techniques need fine tuning, to satisfy the changing needs of Modern Science and Technology. But today, is there a Sage who can sense a vibration? Even a dog senses the vibes of a thief. A tiger senses the vibes of an antelope. A cat senses the vibes of a rat. But man has lost these powers to sense vibrations.

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