Palmistry Mounts

Palmistry Mounts

Mount of Jupiter

Mount of Jupiter is situated at the base of the index finger. It represents god power, leadership, self-worth, ambition, religion, love of nature, honour, organization and authority. The developed form of Mt of Jupiter reveals an ambitious and dominating nature. Persons with well-developed mount of Jupiter are learned, helpful, religious minded and have godly qualities. All the Judges of various Courts are supposed to have well-developed Mount of Jupiter.

Persons with under -developed mount of Jupiter have somewhat different qualities and lack the above qualities. They have ordinary physique but smiling faces. They love self respect and reputation and give secondary preference to wealth. Their attitude is soft towards the opposite sex and give more attention to them. Persons with no mount of Jupiter give little respect to their parents and elders and are found in the company of low class people. Persons with over developed mount of Jupiter are selfish and egotist.

Mount of Saturn

Mount of Saturn is situated at the bottom of the middle finger popularly known as Finger of Saturn. It is one of the most important mounts as it is indicative of extraordinary tendencies. Person with well developed mount of Saturn are responsible and wise people. They are very fortunate and grow in their career manifold. Such people rise in their life very high with their own efforts. They totally get engrossed or involved in their work and sometimes neglect their family. Persons with highly developed mount of Saturn have suicidal tendencies. They generally fall in the category of criminals such as decoits, robbers, cheats, murderers. Persons with no mount of Saturn have no importance in their life. Such persons have very few friends in their life. The Mount of Saturn represents sanity, sobriety, introversion and karmic events such as good or bad luck.

Mount of Sun

Mount of Sun is situated at the base of the ring finger and lies on the upper part of the heart line. It represents self-confidence, kindness and grandeur. Person with well developed mount of Sun becomes a genius and famous. They are of cheerful nature and work in close co-operation with friends. This mount when developed represents artistic side in us. Persons with under-developed mount of Sun would love beauty but such people would not gain a success in this field. Persons with no mount of Sun leads a very ordinary life. They would be a boring, dull, selfish and stupid fellow. Persons with over developed mount of Sun would be very proud, pompous, extravagant, arrogant, a flatterer and never be successful.

Mount of Mercury

Mount of Mercury is situated at the base of the little finger. It represents materialistic prosperity and affluence. People who carry a good mount of Mercury are able to sell themselves, have good communication skill quickness, good connection as well as writing and mathematical abilities.

Person having well developed mount of Mercury would be interested in inventions and scientific works. He will be of a warm and receptive nature. If the mount has a square mark on it then such a person would be a criminal of higher order. People with prominent mount are expert in Psychology and know how to influence others. They gain success in business. They are after money and their main aim is to amass wealth. Persons with under -developed mount of Mercury would be a criminal of first order. They believe in breaking the law. Such people are loner. Persons with no mount of Mercury passes his life in poverty and lack of means. Persons with over developed mount of Mercury are clever and crafty and are adept in cheating. Sometimes the Mount of Mercury has few vertical lines that are called the Lines of Affection/Union. These lines indicate the number of deep emotional links or significant relationships in a person’s life.

Mount of Mars

Mount of Mars is located between the head line and beginning of the heart line. People having prominent Mars zone have good health and great energy. They do not fall ill so easily i.e. their immune system remains strong. Mars represents war. Persons who have the Mount of Mars on their palms become courageous, fearless and frank. Person with well developed mount of Mars are powerful, fearless and courageous. They have firmness and a balance in life. Persons who have under -developed mount of Mars shall reach greater heights in life. He gets complete success in life. Persons with no mount of Mars can be considered as a coward and escapist. Persons with over developed mount of Mars then the person would be a villain, and a criminal. He would lead in all anti-social activities. They possess a rebellious streak.

There are two Mars on the palm. One is upper Mars or also called the Positive Mars and the other is lower Mars which is also called the Negative Mars. The Positive Mars is situated below the Mount of Mercury is also called a creative or productive Mars. It takes a person to the manufacturing side in business. The Mount of Mars below the Mount of Jupiter and below life line is called Lower Mars. This Mars makes a person aggressive, hostile and evil natured. The palm portion between both the Mounts of Mars is called the Plane of Mars. If this Plane has a dip in it, it makes a person calm, cool and patient otherwise it makes a person bad tempered. If a cross sign appears on the Lower Mount of Mars then the person shall meet his death in war or while fighting with others. If a zigzag line is found then the person is likely to die in an accident.

Mount of Moon

The Mount of Moon is situated at the base of the palm and below the Mount of Upper Mars opposite the Mount of Venus. It represents imagination, beauty, emotions and creative thinking. Person with well developed mount of Moon are lovers of nature and beauty. Such persons are religious and have tendency to be artists, musicians and men of letters. Well developed Mount also indicates psychic ability. They remain in the dream world. They make plans but execution part remains absent.

Persons with under -developed mount of Moon is imaginative and emotional. They make castles in the air. Persons with no mount of Moon are hard-hearted and materialistic. They have fighting as their main trait. Persons with over developed mount of Moon are fickle-minded and suspicious by nature. They suffer from ailments like headache or migraine. If few horizontal lines appear on this Mount then a person shall go on voyages many times in his life. If circle appear on this mount the person may die drowning in the water during journey.

Mount of Venus

Mount of Venus is located under the thumb and surrounded by the age line. Person with well developed mount of Venus are licentious and always covet for the opposite sex. Such people recognize the world properly and enjoy it. Such people with well rounded Mount have a healthy libido. Heavily developed it shows a strong sex drive and less patience in such acts. They do not have any faith in God.

Persons with under -developed mount of Venus would be weak-natured, unloved and unwanted at home. Persons with no mount of Venus are ascetic and are least bothered about their family. Their life becomes full of troubles and miseries. Persons with over developed mount of Venus are smart, good looking and civilized. They enjoy good health. With their good nature and civilized sense they are able of influence others.