Medical Palmistry

Medical Palmistry

Medical Palmistry

Palmistry is a branch of Astrology, which was up until now looked upon as knowledge related to fortune telling handed down by our ancestors from generation to generation. However, from the medical point of view, now, Palmistry has emerged as a science in its own right that has helped doctors and patients alike in diagnosing difficult disease Palmistry isn’t only about character analysis or fortune telling, it’s a powerful tool in preventing illness too. Lots of underlying health conditions show on the palm, months before they manifest as health problems. Always consult your physician and get a professional opinion about any suspected condition.

The palm is a major area for scientific investigation – over 4,000 research papers have been published on aspects of the palm and health in the last 50 years. There is no relationship between the length of the lifeline and the length of your life - if yours is short, don’t worry! The palm lines aren’t fixed and will change as your health and your character changes.

Help yourself with a Quick check-up

Anaemia :

A pale palm and nails. The lower part of the Mount of Moon is over-developed or it is much lined.

Asthma :

A back spot inside the quadrangle.

Biliousness :

Yellow colour palm. The Mount of Mercury is much lined..

Defective blood circulation :

More white spots on the nails. Line of Head, pale Head line with black spot on it.

Temporary Brain Trouble :

A small portion of the Head line is thin.

Bronchitis :

Over - developed upper mount of Mars, many lines on the Mount of Mars.

Hereditary disease :

An island at the beginning of Life line.

Weak Constitution :

Line of life chained or linked. Deaf and Dumb An island at the beginning of the Life line and another island at the end of the Head line.

Deafness :

An island on the line of Head under the mount of Saturn.

Diabetes :

A long voyage line from lower percussion of the lower mount of the Moon with star on the mount of Moon.

Dropsy :

The lower part of mount of Moon over-developed or a star on this Mount or many lines on this mount.

Epilepsy :

Head line sloping towards the mount of Moon and broken into pieces with large cross in the triangles.

Eye Trouble :

A triangle formed under the mount of Sun will reduce the vision but no blindness.

Blindness :

A triangle on the mount of Sun or down-wards. A circle on the Life line or Heart line is the symptom of blindness.

Fainting Fits :

Line of Heart chained or curving down to line of Head.

Uterus-related problems :

Plain of Mars becomes hollow towards the Mount of Moon.

Typhoid and Malaria Fever :

Bluish dot on the line of Life. Dark dots on the line of Head. Black and bluish dots on the line of Heart.

Gout :

Mount of Jupiter is over-developed. Life line forked and red in colour at the termination.

High Fever :

The Heart line curving down on the line of Head.

Headaches :

Chained line of Head, bars cutting the line of Head.

Heart Troubles :

Plain of Mars becomes hollow towards Heart line, Line of Heart broken under the Mount of Mercury.

Hemorrhage :

Grille on the upper mount of Mars. In females a star on the lower part of the Mount of Moon.

Jaundice :

Much lined Mount of Mercury. A spot or a star on the Mount of Moon.

Kidney Trouble :

Much-lined lower part of the mount of Moon.

Veneral infection :

The Girdle of Venus indicates. Girdle starts on the mount of Saturn and ends encircling mount of Apollo. This is the cause of Aids, the dreaded disease.

If you’ve found a warning sign on your palm, fear not! Few of us are without some sign of low-level disorder or other. Take professional advice - have regular check ups. A good diet and a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and rest will alleviate or prevent most conditions.